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Emerging full stack storyteller | Using life experiences and an active ear to create content, advocating for veterans and the working class.
A full stack storyteller’s creed: Art, freedom, and creativity will change society faster than politics — Vector Pinchuk
Hard to imagine that this quote came from a Russian (pardon, Ukrainian) oligarch.

Correct, I am a full stack storyteller. Like how a full stack developer’s code benefits the technician and the user, a full stack storyteller’s story resonates with the audience and other storytellers. And yes, I know that I may have co-opted the term. …

Photo of man in military uniform. The difference between combat and non-combat PTSD is irrelevant. Whether you are in the front line or behind it, everybody serves.
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This article on non-combat PTSD is the latest update in what I feel is one of my most poignant works to date. While the sources are still outdated, the content is still relevant, and I tailored the article to be more SEO-friendly. …

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This is my post-military life.

There are many like it, but this one is mine.

For example, I am not a Marine but,

I understand the meaning of always faithful,

as well as mastery of one’s life and enemies.

(my first attempt at writing a sketch comedy script, or any kind of script really)

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An INTERVIEWEE is aimlessly wandering around what looks to him like a maze of office cubicles, trying to look for the hiring manager’s offices. The hiring manager spots him.

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So here I am, face to face with what looks to be a giant lizard about to chomp half my body and swallow it whole, leaving my legs to plop down in a squirting, bloody mess. If I was a brave warrior, hardened by years of combat and deft with…

From Laura Frazer (Under the Veils of Casablanca)

I regard my article on Non-Combat PTSD, my poem, and my short story as my best “published” work to date. However, I sometimes include my undergrad take on the April 2000 Salon article about international differences of gender dynamics. At the time, I did not understand feminism as much as…

Me when I can’t figure out what to write. (Image from

Earlier, I lamented about my old writing having to remain behind the curtain of academia rather than for all the interwebs to see. This feeling was based on my initial reaction of trying to repurpose it for the sake of content creation. At the time, I thought and said it…

Image from Lindsay Lovin’ Life

To be honest, that image up there (and others in this entry) wasn’t really what inspired me to write this. It was a rando post on Linkedin from the many writing companies I “follow” but don’t actively engage (sigh). Whatever the case, it does encapsulate how I felt when I…

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It’s a new year, and even though a month-and-a-half has passed, it’s time for a fresh start.

It has been about a year and some change since I published anything on this platform. And as much as I’d like to say it was because of COVID 19, it’s not.


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I wrote this article sometime in 2017 for one of my humanities classes at Brandman University. Hard to believe that not that long ago, I still had antiquated beliefs about homosexuality. If that was all this article was about then I probably wouldn’t have bothered to even post it. …

Errol Catanes

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