Digital immigrant. Cultural refugee. Ethnic exile. Stay tuned to find out what the hell I mean by these terms.
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There was a time when I thought calling myself a full stack anything was clever. Once I got over myself, I realized how flimsy a proposition that was. I don’t know enough about the inner workings of publishing to equate storytelling with software development. I put so much energy yet…

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2021)

Developing an ethical framework isn't easy. Keeping it is just as hard, if not more so. Some people use their gut instinct to choose the right course of action. Others rationalize their decisions by telling themselves that the needs of the many outweigh the…

Me when I can’t figure out what to write. (Image from

Earlier, I lamented about my old writing having to remain behind the curtain of academia rather than for all the interwebs to see. This feeling was based on my initial reaction of trying to repurpose it for the sake of content creation. At the time, I thought and said it…

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It’s a new year, and even though a month-and-a-half has passed, it’s time for a fresh start.

It has been about a year and some change since I published anything on this platform. And as much as I’d like to say it was because of COVID 19, it’s not.


Errol Catanes

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